Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Check out this presentation. It is a summary of the grammar topic we have been working in class today.. Hope it helps.
Let me know if you find it helpful, so I know whether it is worth posting this type of material


  1. I think this is very helpful, specially to review just before the exam.
    it has many examples that are really useful!

  2. teacher!!

    Thank you for this extra information! I also found it very useful, I will watch it again the day before the exam ;)

  3. In my opinion it is ok, but it is quite similar to what you gave us in class.
    As Ana has said it can be helpfull to revise before the exam.
    I've liked the final scheme.

  4. I agree with Andres and Ana, is very similar to what you gave us in class but is also very useful to revise before the exam.

    In general is a good extra information in face to the grammar exam

  5. I gree with them and the final scheme is very usefull

  6. I liked it very much ;) Thanks! And, answering to Roberto, yes, there is. You just have to click on the link above the presentation ( and you'll be able to download it :D You just have to sign up in that website