Friday, 27 November 2009

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

How to Recycle at Home

Step 1

Take a doggie bag when eating out. Refrigerate leftovers so that you can eat them at a later date, and they will still retain their freshness.

Step 2

Start a compost pile in your garden so that you can recycle all your organic household waste. This can include newspaper and lawn clippings. Eventually you'll have rich compost to add to your garden.

Step 3

Dispose of chemicals such as paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides that contain potentially hazardous ingredients with special care. These hazardous waste materials cannot be simply disposed of by pouring them down the drain, on the ground, into storm sewers, or putting them out with the trash.

Step 4

Find out what kinds of materials your local recycling center accepts.

Step 5

Purchase a number of tough plastic bins so you can sort your recyclable material.

Step 6

Reuse any item that can be reused. Otherwise, give it to a charity or someone who will find a use for it.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Green lifestyle tips

For more tips, check out UK´s most influential environmental organisation web site:

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Recycling at home

Well I have to admit few years ago I wasn't concerned about preserving the environment. But, as I grew, I became aware of environmental problems. In my family happpened almost the same thing, and there's a reason why we've changed. Television. This may sound awkward, considering the fact that people is always blaming on television for almost every problem society got, but I believe that without all the commercials and spots there are nowadays on TV about taking care of the planet, a lot of families and mine included, would still be not concerned at all.

At home we separate rubbish (paper, glass, organic, plastics and batteries), we reuse paper (we don't buy recycled paper, just turn the paper and use the other side. Easy and cheap), use public transport (It is faster and cheaper!), use the dishwasher instead of washing the dishes on the sink, we don't use plastic bags (this is mainly thanks to carrefour's new policy) and we use energy efficient lightbulbs. So if you ask me, I do think we're a environmentally friendly family now! However, we all must keep improving and that way we'll protect the Earth.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What can we do

Hi everyone,

I am really glad reading that you do care about the environment, I am impress reading the things you are already doing to preserve this beautiful planet where we live in. It seems to me that you are willing to do even more, so I am going to propose a few more easily implementable things. Every little thing counts, at least I firmly believe so, perhaps you may do even more!!

Say no to plastic bags: The plastic bags you bring home probably end up in a landfill.Reducing your contribution to plastic-bag pollution is as simple as using a cloth bag instead of wasting plastic ones.

900 million tress every year become pulp and paper: We can reduce that number by buying more recycled paper. It uses 60% less energy than virgin paper

Reduce packaging:You can reduce the amount of packaging with a little consumer vigilance. For example: give back the extra napkins or unwanted sugar packets.

And you may even persuade your parents to:

Pay bills online: Eliminating your paper trail by banking and paying bills online does more than save trees. It also helps reduce fuel consumption by eliminating their transport.

Cut down on your water consumption by installing a water saving shower cap, it would be even better if we could all shorten our showers.

I suppose there is a basic principle we should always keep in mind: CONSUME LESS

Ways to save the environment

In my house we have different rubish bins the separe the plastic, the glass and the normal waste.
Another thing I do is to use public transpor when I spend my free time with my friends and i go walking to the school instead of using the car.

Things I do to help the environment

There are several things I do at my house to help the environment, they are not huge, but I try to help
  1. I recycle almost everything I can, I sepparate paper, plastics, organic, glass, etc
  2. I opt for having the lights off for as long as I can see with sunlight
  3. I try to keep the use of water to a minimum, for example, I shower instead of taking a bath
  4. I use rechargable bateries, instead of the others
  5. I use life-efficient lightbulbs

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ways of recycling in my house

•We separate the rubbish into organic, plastic, glass, cardboard and baterries.
•My mother also recycle the oil using it several times until it "expires".
•We use energy efficient bulbs in almost al the house and we turn them off when we are not using them.
•We should use more the public transport to reduce more our ecological footprint.
•We save water by only using the dishwasher and the washing machine only when we can fill them full.

How I can improve my habits?

I think that I could improve environment more using public transport more frequently, for reducing CO2 emissions, do not using plastic bags anymore, and trying to aware the others the damage we can provoke if we develop a big ecological footprint

Ways of protecting the environment

In my house we help the enviroment by using public transport like the underground, recycling waste and saving water as much as we can.

Environment & me

In my house we separate waste into different categories (although I think this is done in every single house nowadays).
We use Low-energy bulbs in every lamp in our house. Doing this we can reduce the energy consumed by the bulbs using them as usual.
We also try to use public transport as much as we can, for example my mother uses the tube daily to go to work.

I think we could reduce our ecological footprint using cloth bags instead of the traditional plastic bags, that, as seen on TV lately, supermarkets are taking away gradually.
We could also reuse some water, for example the toilet tank store.
As well, we could recycle the wasted oil of the kitchen.

And theese are my Do's and to Do's

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ways of protecting the environment

At home we are very concerned about the problems of the environment:

For example, we separate almost all the rubbish into glass, plastic, paper and organic. This way we help to the environment as a great quantity of our waste can be recycled.

When we go shopping we don't use plastic bags

In Addition, we try to save energy: if we are not in a room the light is normally turned off. We don't use heating or the air conditioning unless the temperature is very low or very high.

Apart from recycling and saving energy we try to use our car only when it is necessary. The rest of the time we go by bus or by train (although sometimes is quite difficult as I live far away from the high school).

To end with I would like to say that recycling and, in general taking care of the planet, is the only way of ensuring a good future for it and our descendants. Nowadays a lot of people is starting to realise about this but it's not enough it's a message that should reach everyone, from kids to old people.

Help the environment

There are a lot of things people could do to help the environment, and that things are not only important for the environment but also for the money.

One of the most common ways of helping environment is recycling, but that is not the only one.

To save energy, we can change our normal light bulbs to the ones which need less quantity of it.

You can also, to save water, use the washing machine and the dishwasher only when they are completely full.

When we have to buy clining products and all of that, is better if we buy the ones that are marck with the symbol of "biodegradable".

To conclude, it is better if we use public transport if we can.

Methods of preserving the environment

In my family we follow a series of methods to mantain a better environment and to help the preservation of our planet. I am sure that if everybody would follow a few techniques of preserving or simply recycing the Earth would be a better place to be.

We recycle daily ( well we dont recycle we separate litter ) putting the rubbish in different recycling bins , one for each type of waste including organic matter, paper, glass and plastics. We never throw all the rubbish in a same bin and we never throw waste to the steets, always to bins.

We save the much water as we can, because is a very important resource , especially here in Spain were rains are not very usual these last years. I take a shower of no more ten minutes, we dislike baths , they consume much more water and money. When we are washing our teeths the tap is always closed.

We always turn off the lights or machines we are not going to use such as TV, computer, and the places of the house we are not at there.

With a few habits we can help the environment, but if we continue punishing it the damage could be horrible for the survival of animals. plants and us.