Sunday, 1 November 2009

Methods of preserving the environment

In my family we follow a series of methods to mantain a better environment and to help the preservation of our planet. I am sure that if everybody would follow a few techniques of preserving or simply recycing the Earth would be a better place to be.

We recycle daily ( well we dont recycle we separate litter ) putting the rubbish in different recycling bins , one for each type of waste including organic matter, paper, glass and plastics. We never throw all the rubbish in a same bin and we never throw waste to the steets, always to bins.

We save the much water as we can, because is a very important resource , especially here in Spain were rains are not very usual these last years. I take a shower of no more ten minutes, we dislike baths , they consume much more water and money. When we are washing our teeths the tap is always closed.

We always turn off the lights or machines we are not going to use such as TV, computer, and the places of the house we are not at there.

With a few habits we can help the environment, but if we continue punishing it the damage could be horrible for the survival of animals. plants and us.

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