Sunday, 8 November 2009

Recycling at home

Well I have to admit few years ago I wasn't concerned about preserving the environment. But, as I grew, I became aware of environmental problems. In my family happpened almost the same thing, and there's a reason why we've changed. Television. This may sound awkward, considering the fact that people is always blaming on television for almost every problem society got, but I believe that without all the commercials and spots there are nowadays on TV about taking care of the planet, a lot of families and mine included, would still be not concerned at all.

At home we separate rubbish (paper, glass, organic, plastics and batteries), we reuse paper (we don't buy recycled paper, just turn the paper and use the other side. Easy and cheap), use public transport (It is faster and cheaper!), use the dishwasher instead of washing the dishes on the sink, we don't use plastic bags (this is mainly thanks to carrefour's new policy) and we use energy efficient lightbulbs. So if you ask me, I do think we're a environmentally friendly family now! However, we all must keep improving and that way we'll protect the Earth.

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