Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ways of protecting the environment

At home we are very concerned about the problems of the environment:

For example, we separate almost all the rubbish into glass, plastic, paper and organic. This way we help to the environment as a great quantity of our waste can be recycled.

When we go shopping we don't use plastic bags

In Addition, we try to save energy: if we are not in a room the light is normally turned off. We don't use heating or the air conditioning unless the temperature is very low or very high.

Apart from recycling and saving energy we try to use our car only when it is necessary. The rest of the time we go by bus or by train (although sometimes is quite difficult as I live far away from the high school).

To end with I would like to say that recycling and, in general taking care of the planet, is the only way of ensuring a good future for it and our descendants. Nowadays a lot of people is starting to realise about this but it's not enough it's a message that should reach everyone, from kids to old people.

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