Monday, 8 March 2010


Please check the list below which quotes the dates when you have to submit your ideal homework. Always remember, to write clear instructions explaining what the others must do. Do not forget to write the due date for submission.
Topics are free, but remember, they should aid to either maintain or improve your English.

Regarding labels, you should always include "homework" and any other/s you choose

Andreu Sedeño,Laura----------------19th April
Arroyo Garcia,Roberto-------------- 3rd May
Camacho Sanchez,Irina---------------22nd March
Diez Martin, Adrian----------------26th April
Fernandez-Silgado Gil,Candela------12th March
Forte Diaz, Alejandro---------------7th May
Hernandez Martin, Daniel-----------12th May
Ibañez Pulgar,Carlos----------------9th April
Lopez Jimenez,Ana Maria -----------17th May
Martinez Perez de la Manga,Sandra--12th April
Mellado Muñoz,Mario----------------24th May
Porras Rojano,Ana------------------14th April
Ramirez Herrero,Sara---------------21th April
Raso Martin, Adrian----------------26th May
Recio Sendin, Andrea---------------21st May
Retamar Garcia, Maria--------------17th March
Revuelta Arribas, Alberto----------15th May
Riofrio Aparicio, Andres-----------16th April
Roel Conde, Ana--------------------30th April
Sanz Soblechero,David---------------10th May
Suarez Sanchez,Hernan---------------19th May
Vacas Macarro, Pablo-----------------5th May
Ventas Gutierrez,Ruben--------------28th April
Vicente Ramos, Sandra---------------23th April

P.D: If you fail to submit your post on time you will lose HALF of the maximum possible grade for homework.

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  1. ok, great! I have already prepare mine, so I will post it tomorrow ^^