Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The happiest moment of your life

Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation transforms the lives of impoverished Nepalese children by providing them with what should be every child's birthright – education, housing, medical care, and loving support.

In the video above, Nirmala, a blind woman whose life was transformed thanks to this ONG, talks about the happiest moment of her life. Once you've listened to Nirmala, you'll realize how lucky we are and how easy are things for us... Anyway, as I don't think any of us share Nirmala's happiest moment, I ask you to write about the most memorable time of your entire life.

~Write a comment in this post, telling about the happiest moment of your life :)


  1. Well, I have been thinking a while about the questions we have to answer, and I have realized how difficult is to do that, because, you know, I have had a lot of beautiful and happy moments through all my life, and it is very hard to me to choose one of that moments. But, suddenly I remembered one day, in which I didn't do anything important, or special. I just was sitting in my sofa, watching a movie on the TV, with a blanket on my legs, eating popcorns, and in that moment, I remember to think, 'Uau, this is the real happiness'. And that's all. I was watching a movie, and I felt the 'real happiness', or a kind of it.

    So, yes, I can say that was one of my happiest moments in my life.

  2. My happiest moment... that's a really difficult task... hopefully I'm lucky and I don't know what to talk about...
    May be it was the last 11th of January; we didn't have to go to school because it was snowing, it was my birthday and my niece was borned! that was definitely one of the happiest days of my life!

  3. Well I don't really a favourite day I have a lot.

    For example a really happy day was when my little sister bor. I was very young but I can remind my mother with her in a blanket.

    When I she her, I fell so happy knowing that I have a sister... but what made me feel more happy was to know that I was older and bigger than she because in that time all the people was bigger than me.

    This could be one of my best days.

  4. As my colleges have say, it's really difficult to choose a moment of real happiness during all your life. I think that happiness is made by the little details, the little moments that make you smile.

    So, a hug, or a kiss of a person that you love, it produces me a kind of real happiness, a kind of feeling loved by them.

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  7. It's a very difficult issue to write about of the best moment in my life and it's almost impossible to decide, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be the day in which i was that I was going to Chicago.
    That day I felt somehow like Charlie, in Charlie and the chocolate factory: "run, run home charlie" (but in may case didn't knew where to run... so I just looked for my friends).

  8. Its very difficult to write about the best day in our life. I have a different vision about this issue. I think that we dont have to synthesise or whole life in a day, we must get our best emmotions and feelings in memories sprinkled in our 16 years.

    Like this essay is about to chose my best day, it would probably be the day I was going to Ireland last year the whole month of July, without parents, teachers,rules.. so during the fight

    I felt a sensation that I wont forget during the rest of my life

  9. I have been thinking since this morning of the best moment of my life... and it has been kind of hard actually.

    I have thought of Holand, some of my birthdays or any special day that I have ever had, but I think that one of my favourite moments was when I went to Andorra with my parents and Rob. We were on Cami d'Pessons eatting chips on a very sunny day, lying in loungers and smiling...Yeah, I think that one was a very nice moment =)

  10. I too I'm having problems deciding on the happiest moment of my life... I don't know if it's because my life has had many ups and downs or because it has hard to pick just one of my happiest memories.

    I think that maybe the time I went to visit my father in Florida. I was eight. And one day my parents told my sister and me that they were goingo to take us to see Florida for a couple of days. We got in the car and fell asleep, and when we woke up we were goingo to check in in a hotel in Disney World, I remember my sister jumping up and down with excitement. That is one of my many happy memories (: