Tuesday, 15 September 2009

How to create a blog with blogger


  1. The video of how to improve memory

  2. Advantages of technology (3 Reasons)

    Work can be done more efficiently (fabrication of cars, planes, construction of buildings, bridges...) than a century ago thanks to new ways of thinking that have been adaptated to daily life things taht facilitate work for people

    The creation of a world wide web that facilitate a world-wide comunication.(telephones, faxes, mobile phones, internet..)One of the most important inventions has been the mobile phone's covering through wich we can communicate with the person we like even though he's in the other part of the world and Internetwhere we can read, comment, learn, view, and share with peole around the world

    Improvement of transportation with new technology cars, planes, train that can short the travel a lot compared with old ones. This saves money and time.

  3. Sandra:You should post the video. In order to do it you need to press the icon "new post" which you can find on the top right corner, and please do not fortet to write the label "memory". If you have any questions write me an email and I will try to solve them.

    Sandra, Daniel & everyone else: In this post you should write YOUR OPINION, regarding the advantages that new technologies can introduce to education. For example, you could comment on the advantages of using a blog in a language class. Something like "In my opinion using a blog facilitates listening and reading real materials. I believe this is an improvement over working with prepared materials for students of english as a second language".

  4. In my opinion the tecnologies simplify a lot the work of a student, because with a blogg we don´t need to be in class to comunicate us, the homework could be done in wherever you want, we can share our opinions, the conection between the teacher and the student it is not lost when we leave the school... and more that make us more united and better organized.

  5. Advantages of new technologies at school

    There are many advantages to the use of new technologies at school. I'm only going to comment a few of them
    1.In my opinion, the use of personal computers instead of carrying books all the time, could be very successful, because many students eventually suffer from back problems and unless fewer books have to be carried, this will become a more serious problem.The simplest form of extinguishing back problems related to heavy school bags, is to simply carry one computer with all the information that is needed.
    2. I feel that when using technology the students are better motivated, they feel that it is usefull as well as entertaining, they will no longer sit through classes wishing they were over before they even started.
    3. Also, everything today evolves itself around technology, even the simplest things, like cooking, or washing clothes... the use of technology nowadays is the most fundemental part of our lifes, and students will be able to learn about it.

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  7. The use of technology at school:

    In my opinion new technology can be very useful. For example, internet helps students to learn more and easily as they can look for information and enlarge the contents on the books, apart from being a tool to communicate.

    Apart of this I would like to say that laptops can also be very useful at school. We avoid these way carring heavy books and also we can use them in class to look for information, write, do homework, or store information.

    It is also important that nowadays technology is everywhere, so if from the moment that we begin school we use technology, we will be more in touch with it on the future.


    In my opinion the use of technology at school:

    -Is a breakthrough, we can(as in this blog, or in other classes as TIC) doing homework on the Internet in a more rapid, organized and fun way.

    -Is more comfortable because we may do homework in a program and bring it in a pendrive, so we dont have to carry homework in the notebooks.

    -Apart I think that students with new technologies would be attending more in class and learning in a more funny way.

  9. In my opinion this new tecnologies can help us to do better exercies and faster in order to learn more and also help teachers to organise their classes.
    The best thig o this new tecnologies is that you can connect to other members from anywhere.
    Students can interact with other school of other cities and countries.
    It would be use surely in the future because there are only adantages.Nowdays is not the case but i can imagine a future where students came to class without books there wold be computers and te information will be store online so whe the classes finished you can continue working at home.

  10. As most of my classmates have said, I think that introducing more technology in our work at school would be a great idea as we would be able to do many different things.
    This would make our work easier, much funnier and different and so we would not get bored so easyly. It's a good idea to develop different methods in order to improve our skills in all subjects.
    Taking into account the weight of our schoolbags, of course it will help but I think that instead of laptoms (as some of my friens have said) we could use pendrives where we could store all the information and use one compueter at school and other one at home; in that way everybody would take care of the materials and there would not be any kind of problem.
    To conclude I just wanted to say that technology, appart from helping students, would be very useful for teachers.

  11. Technology at education.

    Introducing advanced technologies at school would be a great idea, because we could learn faster and also in a funny way.

    A good idea to introduce it will be the electronic books. To achieve them we only have to buy a little screen and a program to insert the books we need for school.

    By this way, we only have to carry out this little screen, and no the big and heavy bag with lots of books.

    Also, the USB's could replace the notebooks, and could be useful to hand in any work or exercise to the teacher.

  12. I believe that technologies can be really useful at school because they can encourage students in a way that a common text book can’t. Plus, using internet we can create a connection between us that without any doubt, it’s really helpful. I mean, there’s no more need of telephone or MSN, we just have to log into our blog and comment with our classmates whatever we need to know. And what’s more important, we can even ask a teacher if he’s online (and this is the only way of doing it, except if you have teacher’s phone number, which would be really weird….)

  13. Introduce the technology in the schools is a good idea because it will make funny and different the clases. Also will be a good way of avoiding us to carry our books to the highschool all days. Also is good to be able to send the homework to the teachers directly.

  14. Well I’m afraid that concerning to this, I’m not as positive as my classmates. New technologies are everywhere and that’s a fact and we can surely take advantage of this, but just in case we realize this is another way of learning and we take it seriously. I don’t think I’m the only one who has ever copied and pasted from Wikipedia some information that I haven’t even read, and with “traditional learning” that just can’t be; except if you can write by hand without paying any attention (something that, by the way, makes you a little stupid) Then, you won’t learn anything anyway so it doesn't matter...…-

    In my opinion internet it’s too tempting. Social networks are the order of the day and most of us can’t contain ourselves from looking at our profile over and over instead of doing something useful, so, it’s okay if we have to search for some information or make some online exercises from time to time, but I don’t think that introducing too much technology would be good at the end.

    I believe the thing about the laptops it’s dreaming too much, but yes, it would be nice… :P However, what Laura said, electronic books and “USB notebooks” seem like a really good idea to me, and also quite possible. At first, buying an e-book might be too expensive, but if you think about it… How much would we save, considering that every year our parents spend more than 200€ just in text books and taking into account that an e-book is totally reusable because you just have to load some archives depending on which subject you have?

    (oops, I guess I wrote too much XD)

  15. Well i think that introduce technology to education would be fantastic, but not only things for students as some of my classmates has said. For example I would replace blackboards with electronic ones, It would help teachers a lot, for example in geometry there are some concepts that would be more easy to explain with videos, or images than by the drawing of a teacher.

    I also believe k that if we think about the laptops we should talk about "limited" laptops, I mean with a special SO that don't allow us to install some programs, to surf freely in the internet or things like that. We only should need a program to take notes and do homework.

    But I think that we are no enough disciplined to own so expensive gadgets. I don't like to make generalizations, but most of this materials would end broken too soon.

  16. teacher I tried to do it but I can't, tomorrow I will see it...

    I think that the advances tecnologicals are improving our estudies and made easy (some times)to take the information and our knowledges goes incresing.
    Now adays when we have to do an esay or homeworks normally we do it by computer, or looking for information in internet, and we can say a lot of examples.
    I believe that if the tecnologial advances wont advanced noe we don't know what we know and we don't have this excellent education.

  17. In my opinion, the advantages of using new technologies improve a lot our possibilities of learning much more quickly, and also having the possibility of ask the teacher things without having to wait next day in class.

    I like a lot the idea of Mario; using e-books is a good way to avoiding us to carry all our books daily...