Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How can we develop a better memory? ,

In our daily lifewe have the obligation of learning new phone numbers , dates, events, that are very important to our relations and work success.

There are methods to improve our memory , such as mental techniques for strengthening like schemes or "mental drawings" , brain exercises (jigsaws, games for mental sharpness such as chess, memory trainers with mathematical problems , card games, Rubiks's cube...)

Attention is a basic factor, one of the basis of memory.

Relate previous concepts you alredy know to the new ones

Motivation and a good attitude to develop a sharp thinking that it will be nourished with daily work.

Easier methods to remember complex names

Good nutrition of the brain like vitamin B12 B6 folic acid, antioxidants, or Omega 3 are good examples of memory improvement by nutrition

These are few methods for keeping a great memory ability but the real method lies in the will of each person to continue learning and developing their mental capacities thank to his effort


  1. I like your conclusion, in fact, I think is really wise!
    P.D: Please, always write a title when you publish in the blog.

  2. Your conclusion states that, 'where there is a will there is a way'. Yeah, you are absolutely right, it's only will power that can enable a man to perform unique tasks.
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