Thursday, 8 October 2009

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How to remember numbers

For short numbers, like a PIN number, try to play with the component numbers mentally and create some kind of memorable link between them or 'picture' of them. Just as an illustration of what I mean, take the easy case of 1230 which could be remembered as 'lunchtime' or of 4007 which could thought of as 'collecting money for James Bond'. Get the general idea?

For longer numbers, the best method is called 'chunking'. You break up the number into smaller and more memorizable chunks. For example, remembering the number 472627607 is easier if one remembers it as 472 627 607 or as 47 26 27 607. Play with the original number and see which chunks best help you to remember it.

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  1. Ruben,
    I am afraid but I don`t fully get it. I understand the logic behind 1230 but what about 4007, I infer 007, but what about number 4? Please explain!